From South Kensington to Oxford Circus

9 October 2014 Hyde Park, London

As students living on a budget, £2.20 to take the tube from South Kensington to Oxford Circus costs too much. So instead of taking the tube, we decided to take a nice little stroll across Hyde Park to get to Oxford Street to kill sometime before an international student mixer last week. 

The cool weather in London makes walking around really enjoyable. It was a nice having a slow late afternoon stroll through hyde park, watching ducks and swans bathe themselves and little children running around playing with bubbles and chasing pigeons.

I get it now why people say London is grey. Everything, including the sky just seems to be a little greyer over in London. Did not have much trouble with the weather initially when I first arrived last week, but as of late, its been getting a lot colder, windier, and raining a lot more. Nevertheless, I'm still enjoying the life here in London. 

Also, living 5 mins away from school is always a good thing. Longer sleeping hours, I will not complain!

Walking out of Hyde Park, we saw the Marble Arch. Looked like a Minature Arc de Triomphe, though I'm not sure if it has the same significance to London as the Arc de Triomphe has to France. After passing the Marble Arch, we could finally say "Hello Oxford Street!"

Ending off with the typical bright red London double-decked bus that everyone knows about. Hope you enjoyed the pictures, I can't wait to visit more places in London (and perhaps - sooner than later - other parts of the UK as well!)

Stay tune for more visits/pictures taken from running around town!

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