Outfit Diary: Exploring Falmouth - Cornwall, England

3 August 2015 Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

Flags, boats and harbour of falmouth cornwall, england

For the most part of my Cornwall Trip, I spent a lot of time along the coast, admiring the English landscape, visiting beaches, bays, and basically enjoying the wonders of nature. So, on the last full day we had in Cornwall, we decided to have a change in scenery and visit another town a few hours from Penzance called Falmouth.

Falmouth was a 2 hour bus ride from Penzance, and we headed off bright and early in the morning so as to make the most of our day.

A couple watching the boats at the harbour of falmouth cornwall, england.
Boats floating along the water of the harbour in falmouth, cornwall, england.

After arriving at Falmouth, we realised that shops weren't fully opened. The people at the tourist information were extremely helpful and they suggested we take a walk towards the castle and perhaps visit a garden.

Having only 1 day in Falmouth meant that we weren't able to explore too far out of the main town area, so we walked through the main market streets, popped in to a couple of cute local boutique stalls, and then headed along the perimeter of the town by the coast once again.

Colourful unique architecture in cornwall
Quirky welcome signs in Falmouth, conrwall, England
Castle and greenery in Falmouth, conrwall, England
Image of SW Coastal path in Falmouth, conrwall, England
Scenery in cornwall in the summer  Falmouth, conrwall, England
Looking out at the sea in  Falmouth, conrwall, England

Remember when I said we walked along the South West Coastal path whenever we could in my previous post? Yeap, this was yet one of the other times we did. It's incredible how the coastal path just links up all the major towns in Cornwall!

We walked through the moat of the castle, but decided not to go into it because we were more distracted by the scenery, yet again. Instead, we climbed across some rocks, and went out to take more pictures of the lovely blue skies and waters.
The view from the castle drive was awesome. It was surprisingly quiet, although we weren't the only ones there for the view. A few cars were parked around the viewpoint with people sitting inside and staring out into the sea!

Brick buildings and houses in  Falmouth, conrwall, England
 Falmouth, conrwall, England outfit and brick buildings
What I Wore
Sweater: Cotton On
Jacket: Pull and Bear
Shorts: Thailand
Shoes: Converse
Necklace: Primark
stonehengs structure, ootd, and view of the sea in gyllyngdune gardens Falmouth, conrwall, England
OOTD and stonehenge structure Falmouth, conrwall, England

One of the reasons why we chose to go to Falmouth was because it was known for it's parks. Sadly, with only 1 day, we didn't have sufficient time to go out to one of the bigger gardens/parks, and had to settle for visiting the smaller gardens such as the Gyllyngdune Garden and the Princess Pavilion within the main area of Falmouth.

The gardens were unlike many others that i've visited. The Gyllyngdune Garden was much smaller, more organic, had interesting stained glassed huts, and a Stonehenge like structure (oh and a wonderful view too since it was on elevated ground!)
What I found the most fascinating was that the roses in the park appeared to be grown au natural instead of being specially planted. Walking through the gardens, the smell of flowers was so strong, and distinct, I kept wondering if my nose was playing tricks on me. This was probably the first time I've ever smelt the scent of rose naturally (you know NOT from a perfume bottle)!

Gyllyngdune Gardens Falmouth, conrwall, England
Close up image of purple bell shaped flowers in Falmouth, conrwall, England
Princess pavilion in Falmouth, conrwall, England

We arrived at the Princess Pavilion and decided to grab some lunch after walking around for a whole morning. The pavilion was so well decorated and the interior, well furnished. It was sort of like a community centre where people could go over and take classes or watch a small play. The food served at the Café was surprisingly great  (I always expect crappy food in awkward out of the way places... Oops!)

After a good lunch, and some rest, we headed off towards Kimberly Park, another small park nearby to further satisfy our park visitation needs.
Kimberly Park was more of a neighbourhood park with lots of green grass; a place where people living in the area can have open air concerts or gatherings, nothing too fancy. We did however stumble upon an obstacle course made of wood and a log maze - which my rock climber friend, Clarice went on and conquered it easily!

Climbing the log maze in kimberly gardens Falmouth, conrwall, England
old black and white houses in Falmouth, conrwall, England
image of the woodlane street sign in falmouth cornwall, england.

Eventually, we headed back to the main streets of Falmouth for a nice cornish tea break. Of course, not before passing by some lovely victorian looking english houses and quirky streets. Woodlane. Isn't that just such an interesting street name? Cornwall is the best when it comes to naming things. I even saw a house that was called the Number 5 house or something!

Although we wanted some traditional Cornish clotted cream tea and scones, the café ran out as it was late afternoon and there were just so many people! Having Tea is THE THING to do in Cornwall.
Anyway, the friendly lady server suggested I try something called the Knickerbocker Glory.

Knickerbocker glory in falmouth, cornwall for tea

That was the first time i've ever heard of such a dessert. It's filed with jelly, berries, and topped with some ice-cream and biscuits sticks. Typically, I can never finish a dessert that size in one seating because of how sweet it usually is. But, the Knickerbocker glory was light and refreshing. The use of jelly made it less dense, and to be honest, who really cares about anything else when the dessert looks so pretty, right?

Needless to say, I gobbled down every last bit of it!

Falmouth Colourful flags and streets in cornwall, england.

I honestly wish we had more time in Cornwall to explore the different other towns and have more scones, cream teas, and cornish pasties.
Cornwall is definitely a place i'll recommend others to visit. It is so unlike any other place I've been to around Europe. People are friendly, incredibly nice, the pace of life is much slower, and everyone just seems happier and more relaxed (compared to London, it's a world of difference!! I still love London since I'm more of a city girl). There is something calming about the people and vibe of Cornwall, even in the main town area with all the shops, and cafés, it doesn't get too crowded of touristy. Basically, if I lived in Cornwall, I'd feel as though I'm perpetually on a summer break!

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